Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hong Kong Part 4 (finally!)

I know you all have been waiting with bated breath for the last installment in the Hong Kong series.  I have had a busy weekend but finally got it done!  Hope you enjoy it!

Our last day in Hong Kong Joel actually had to work in the morning, yes it was a work trip.  He had an early morning meeting, so I slept in and he was home in time to pack up our bags, check out of room and head to lunch together.  Our flight wasn't until 7pm so we had all day to wander the city and hang out.  We started our day (well I guess I should say I started my day since Joel had been up for a long time) by going to get some Mexican food for lunch.  We figured since Hong Kong is more western it might be decent.  It was.  We went to a place called Tequilas and shared stacked enchiladas.  It wasn't the same as home but it definitely hit the spot.

After lunch we decided to walk off our huge meal and hit the Western Market for some shopping.  We were very disappointed.  The markets in Shanghai are huge and you can buy anything you can imagine for cheap.  In this market there were like three stores and then an entire floor of only fabric.  Which would have been good if we were looking for fabric, but we weren't.  So we only spent about 10 minutes there before deciding it wasn't for us and headed out.

Joel had read about the Botanical Gardens in Hong Kong and really wanted to visit, the weather was finally clear although hot and muggy but still a good day to spend time outside.  The nice thing about the gardens was that it was free to get in and walk around.  They had a huge section of primates and we really enjoyed spending time watching all the monkeys play around.  They also had all sorts of crazy giant birds and turtles.  I think we took  about 100 photos of all the animals but don't worry, I narrowed it down so you don't have to scroll through all of them.

Sadly after the gardens it was time to say goodbye to Hong Kong and head back to Shanghai.  We took a shuttle to the train, the train to the airport and then home to the Hai.  This definitely won't be our last trip to Hong Kong.  Maybe eventually this blog will be - Wishing on a Passport.  An American girl in Hong Kong. ; )

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