Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hong Kong Part 3

The third day of our trip we woke up to pouring rain.  We had planned to get back on the big bus so we could tour the other side of HK Island and do the boat ride along the beach but with the rain we didn't think it was worth it.  So instead we caught a cab to the history museum.

The museum is definitely worth a trip if you ever go to HK.  It was a history of the island going back 400,000 years until the present.  I thought it was really well laid out with tons of different exhibits and movies.  I had just read Tai-Pan before coming to HK and the museum was a great way to expand my learning associated with the book.  The book is fiction but it hints at a lot of history of the area and has a few characters based on real people.  If you haven't read it seriously do.  We ended up spending several hours here and saw everything they had.  After, we walked across the street to the science museum.  I didn't really enjoy it but Joel did.  A lot of the things were broken and it seemed really run down.  They did have a hall of mirrors though which was a lot of fun to play in.  If you had kids with you it may be worth the trip, if not then just skip it.

After the museum we walked back to the hotel and had some fun in the rain along the way.  We had to check out of the Intercontinental and into the Chinese hotel that Joel's office had booked for us.  We had enough time for tea though, since they had given us a late check-out and then headed to our new hotel on Hong Kong Island, in the central district.

Our new hotel was very cool, totally different from our first one but was really clean and nice and we had a great view.  Joel and I both agreed our room felt like it was in a tree house because of how high up we were and the huge windows.  After we got settled in we walked to the restaurant district and had a snack and a beer at a restaurant Stormies.  The rain had stopped by now so we were able to sit at the bar that was outside, which had a great view of the street and the people passing by.  We sat for a while and people watched until we had to go.  We had reservations to ride a junk boat for the nightly light show that goes on in HK so we had to hurry to the pier to meet it.  A junk boat is what a chinese version of a pirate ship is called and they usually have red sails (always?  not sure) but ours had red sails.  It was for sure the highlight of our trip.  Included in the price of our ticket was a drink, so we had a drink and sailed around and watched the light show.  It was awesome.

Very soon after disembarking the boat it started raining again.  Joel and I took the escalators up the hill to another restaurant spot and found a cozy English pub to grab some dinner and watch the rain.  We thought we should have some fish and chips since HK had been British for so long and we were right, they were seriously delish.  Perfect ending to our amazing night.

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  1. You can almost see the light show in action if you click through the pictures quickly.

    Really like the photo of you and Joel!

  2. Hong Kong looks beautiful at night and the picture of you and Joel on the boat is wonderful! Every time I read your blog I think about how I would make you take me to McDonalds if I came to visit but I was happy to see you found an English pub with delicious fish and chips. Looks like another great day in China!