Monday, May 12, 2014

Our (very small!) garden

If you follow me on instagram (@jandjlissy) you may have seen a few pics of us clearing out and planting the small garden on the back porch.  I wanted to share a little update, and some pics!  I know, pics of plants really are exciting ;).
A few weeks back Joel and I cleaned out our garden and hit the plant nursery so we could start growing our own veggies and herbs.  So far our plants seem to be doing really well, no veggies yet but it looks like we may get some soon!  I have a friend here who said as soon as I get a cucumber we will have a party and all try it to celebrate.  We must be bored here to celebrate a cucumber but  it would be the first I have ever grown!
Joel at work

When we were clearing out we found someone living in our garden...yes it is a giant crab!

Signs to remember what I planted!

Little miss helper, enjoying the shade.

Joel, my manly hubby, also built me a potting/serving bench for the porch.  It will be great for entertaining and looks so cute with my herbs and succulents.


One of the problems here is that I have had a few run-ins with the iguanas... they like to nibble on my plants!  But Joel built a make-shift wall with extra tile around the main garden to deter them.  They don't seem to go after the plants in pots, just the ones in the ground.  At the local grocery store they sell iguana repellant...something I never thought I would need in life!  Hopefully I will have an update soon on some veggies!

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  1. Don't know what you do with all of those iguanas! And handyman hubby- good to have him around! :)