Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Agricultural Fair

One of the big on-island events in Cayman is the yearly agricultural fair.  It has everything you would think an agricultural fair would have, vegetable contest, animal contests, rodeos, county bands and tons of stuff to do for the kids.  Olive was too young for some of the kids activities (jumping castle and face-painting) but she loved being outside and people watching.  The big animals were a little scary.  Olive had a huge cow moo very loudly right next to her when we were checking out the blue ribbon winners and she had a bit of a freak out.  The goats were better.  She seemed to really like watching them.  We went with a few mom and baby friends and everyone had such a great time!  it was hot and sweaty but we would do it again next year!

Ashley loading up the kids!

The grounds.

Olive having fun!

Checking out the goats.


All the kiddos.

Dancing to the country band.

Way too much fun, just couldn't last any longer. : )

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