Monday, May 19, 2014

G and G Cooper visit

My parents have been here several times, I think I did a blog on one of my dad's trips, but it seems like most of the time they end up helping us move or it rains (sorry mom) so this was the first trip that they really got to have fun and see Cayman.  We did a lot while they were here, boat, beach, lots of yummy dinners out so they can now say they had a nice trip here!  Here are a few pics of everything we did while they were here....
I think we have the most pictures from our boat trip to stingray city and the rum point.  We had a great day out on the boat  It was beautiful!

Joel and Carlos, heading to stingray city!

Mom enjoying the ride.

Olive and I skipped the stingrays but we watched from the boat!

Ok, Olive was braver than me and actually got it.


Dad with a stingray!

Olive trying out Joel's snorkel.

Posing with the stingray.

and with Olive

Watching safely from the boat.

Done swimming.

Starfish point.

Olive liked the starfish!

Family pic!

Stopping for lunch.

Hey guys, I am hungry!

Lunch with grandpa, pizza yum!

Staying cool in the shade.

Someone had too much fun!

Getting off the boat, what a fun day!

Some of the other things we did included sitting on our back porch every night.  The temp was nice and cool so it was perfect sitting out!

Before Olive went to bed.

We also had lots of yummy dinners out, and also lots of happy hours!

Just chatting at happy hour.

Grandpa and Grandma even watched Olive one night so Joel and I could go out to dinner.  We love having a night off!  Grandpa liked to make up his own stories though to go with the bedtime books.  I think Olive was starting to catch on : )

Almost time for bed!

We spent a ton of time at the beach, we bought Olive some beach toys and had fun with them.  I think I had the most fun, Olive really just enjoys eating the sand at this point.  Yuck.

Building sandcastles.

Chatting with grandpa.

We also had a really nice lunch at a friend of my dad's house.  We stayed after and enjoyed the pool.

Waiting to eat.

Happy hour!

Looks just like her dad.

Beach with gma!

What a fun trip!  I love it when we have visitors because it feels like we are on vacation too!

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