Friday, May 9, 2014

Olive is 10 months!

How was it that Olive was born 10 months ago?  She is getting so big, turning into more of a toddler than an infant.  She has taken several steps but is still lacking the confidence to walk.  She still loves to eat, anything and everything!  She is still obsessed with tomatoes so at least she likes healthy food!  We go to taco night at our local Mexican restaurant every week and she loves it!  Each time we have gone we have to order her more and more.  She eats a taco and a whole cup of beans and some rice.  I have had to stop sharing food with her because I would never get to eat! (new diet strategy?) Everyday I think she learns something new.  Whether it is putting blocks in a container or pushing the buttons to make music on her play piano, she amazes me everyday.  If you would have told me a year ago I would be celebrating my child learning to use a straw I would have thought you were crazy! But when she does these things I think she is a genius!  Ok, now on the good stuff, her monthly picture!  It is harder and harder to keep her still so I included a few of her outtakes at the bottom.  Enjoy!

And some outtakes from our photo shoot...

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