Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One last night at the cabin

Friday night of our visit home Joel and I were able to escape with our friends Kevin and Melissa for one last anderliss (what we call each other) night at the cabin before we had to leave CO again.  Kevin was able to leave work early so he came and picked Joel and I up and we went to Coors factory for the "short tour" (skipping the tour for the free beer).  After our three free beers we picked up the dogs and Melissa and hit the road.  We decided to just relax for the night at the family cabin.  We played games (of course I taught everyone mahjong!), drank beer and just caught up.  We stayed up waaayyy too late, as usual, but had a great time.
The next morning when we woke up my Colorado dream had come true.  It was a blizzard in October.  I was so excited, Joel and I took the dogs for a long hike to enjoy it.  It was really hard leaving the mountains with the beautiful snow and great company but we had to head down to enjoy the beginning of some wedding activities for my good friend Anne!

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