Thursday, November 3, 2011

Santa Fe trip with the girls...

My first weekend back in the USA was a road trip down to Santa Fe with some of the girls and my mom.  We had a blast, eating and drinking and wandering around Santa Fe.
My mom and I headed down a few nights early to get the house ready and so I could relax and get over my jet lag, which was really not fun this time.  By the time the girls got to the house though I was feeling good so we headed out on the town.  We went to the La Fonda for dinner and drinks (margaritas!) and then out to hit the bars of Santa Fe!  Santa Fe  doesn't not have a huge night life and things definitely close down early there.  The bar Del Charros that we went to closed at 12, so the waiter told us of a bar that everyone likes to go to that was open until 2am.  Well we never found that bar so we ended up walking around for a while and then decided to head back to the house.  We did find an open bar close to the house that we decided to stop for a drink in before actually going home.  The next morning was the quote of the weekend.  When we were skyping with Joel he asked us if we were all hung over, and I told him "we would be if we could have found the bar that we were trying to go to!".  Lol, so maybe it is for the best that we never found it.
The next day we hit the farmer's market so I could get some chili powder to bring back to China with me.  Then we did a little shopping and went to the Shed for dinner.  The shed is my favorite restaurant in Santa Fe, they have the best red chili!  We went back to the house after that and just hung out and talked and went to bed a little early.
The last day that the girl's were there we went out for breakfast, a must in Santa Fe (huevos rancheros!) and then the girl's hit the road back to Denver.  My mom and I stayed one more night and then hit the road to Oklahoma, but more about that in another post!

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