Friday, December 9, 2011

Annie got married!

One of the main reasons that I came home for a month when I did was not only to catch up with friends and family but to be a bridesmaid in one of my sorority sister's weddings.  I knew that even though I was moving to China right after she asked me to be a bridesmaid that I would never miss it for anything.
The wedding festivities started the day we got back from the cabin,  with a lingerie shower for Anne and then bachelorette and bachelor parties (separate of course!) for the bride and groom.  The boys got a little more wild than the girls did but we had wine and then went dancing and it was a lot of fun.  All the girls had cards with activities that they had to talk someone at the club into, someone being a guy and the activities all had something to do with Anne.  For example, one card said... dance with a bald guy.  My card said that I had to talk someone into giving Anne their sock.  It was really funny.  When we were at dinner, someone's card said to find someone to sing to Anne, so a man serenaded her in front of the restaurant!  It was so great!
The next day was the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner which was hosted at a famous Colorado restaurant called the Fort.  It is built as an old fort and is complete with a teepee and an old settler walking around with a shot gun.  We had quail and salmon for dinner, complete with gun powder and burbon shots.  Everyone gave speeches and honored the couple.
The next day was the wedding.  We spent the morning getting ready at the hotel and just relaxing.  The ceremony was beautiful, it was outside overlooking the mountains just outside Denver, Colorado.  The weather was perfect.  The reception was fun too, we got to catch up with a bunch of my old college friends.  It was fun to see how everyone had grown up, until the dancing started! ; )  The dancing was so much fun and we were sad when the night came to a close.  It was a fantastic wedding for a fantastic couple.  Congrats Anne and Trent!

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