Friday, July 18, 2014

Olive is 1!

My baby is all grown up!  Ok, I know that isn't true but the changes that have happened over the last few weeks are so crazy.  It was like over night she was a toddler.  She walks and "talks"  and sings in the car.  She knows what you are saying and answers questions (with sign language) and she listens and follows simple commands.  She is also strong willed and opinionated, loves to eat and likes to pick out the books to read.  I can't believe how fast she has changed.  Joel and I spent the day of her birthday reminiscing about the hospital and bringing her home for the first time.  From a 6 pound munchkin to a 25 pound chubs she is the love of our lives and we agree that this has been our best year yet.  We can't wait to see everything else that life has in store for us!  Happy Birthday Olive!!

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