Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mastic Trail

Another of our "Cayman Adventures" was spent trying to find a good hiking trail on this island.  The jungle here is thick and if it isn't maintained there is no way you could walk through it.  The mastic trail is a nature walk that is maintained although it was still very wild.  Joel and I set out in the morning thinking we would do the whole trail and it would be really fun.  In reality we made it about 15 minutes in and turned around.  We started getting freaked out by the spiders and spider webs and because it wasn't a loop we decided it wasn't worth sticking it out when we would just have to turn around at the end!  We aren't used to bugs, so you can call us wimps but we weren't having fun.  We did read though that you can hire a guide who will point out the wildlife and plant life so our plan is once the weather cools to try it again.   I think if we hadn't been alone we would have had more fun. For now though, here are the few pics we took!

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