Monday, June 4, 2012

Cooking lessons from the Ayi

Yesterday we went over to a friend's house and her Ayi (housekeeper) taught us how to make jiaozi (pot stickers) and spicy szechuan tofu.  It was delish and not as hard as we thought!

The finished pork mixture for the jiaozi!

Kate and Kelly observing the process.

Showing us how to stuff them.

The technique was very difficult, none of us could do it with out squirting the filling out!

Trying my best!

Kelly looks like she has a better technique.

Kate giving it a try.


We cooked a few to try and took the rest home for the hubbies!

Enjoying our work (really the Ayi's work!)

Next up spicy tofu!

Finished!  It was so yummy!
Now when I get home next week I can make some authentic Chinese food for everyone!

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