Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Birthday!

This year for my birthday Joel threw a BBQ bash at the park for me!  It was great, friends food and beer, what more could a girl ask for?
Joel bought a portable grill for the occasion and I bought a rolling cart to bring all the stuff to the park.  We luckily had helpers because it really was a lot of stuff!

The boys were in charge of the grill, they made pork and ham sandwhiches... so delish!

We set up tables and even decorated, everyone brought food and drinks.  We also bought some yard games and blankets to lay on in the grass.  It was a little cloudy that day but the rain held out and we were able to enjoy some nice temps.

Me with Kay

Lounging in the grass.

My cake Joel got for me!

Blowing out my candles!

We had an after party at our house when it got dark at the park that included more beer and games.  We also had vodka soaked watermelon that was punishment for losing the card game.  It was a little rough when you had to eat one!

Kings cup!

The gang playing games.

The watermelon was a little strong!

Trying to eat it!
Oh, and there may have been some stick on mustaches involved...


Joel even got a gotee!

Mine was an angry mustache.

Pretty sure Kelly's was a silent film star's!

Who doesn't love Duff beer and a mustache on your b-day? 

Even Lily joined in on the festivities!
I am so grateful for my wonderful husband, planning and putting this party together for me.  Thanks babe!

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