Saturday, June 9, 2012

BBQ Festival

A few weekends ago we attended Bubba's BBQ here in Shanghai.  It was the same place where we went to the chili cookoff, if you remember my blog post.  This time was a little different though because it POURED rain the entire day.  It wasn't just a few sprinkles!  We were prepared for it though and comforted ourselves with a few drinks ; ).  We didn't let a little rain get us down!  We sampled BBQ from pretty much every stand, and even joined in on the fun with the margarita squirt gun!
Joel getting some BBQ samples.

Jenny, Kelly and Kate braving the rain.

Joel got creative drinking his beer.

Ponchos are the best!

The live band was really good!

Enjoying the day!

The girls with Matt.
After the BBQ festival we headed over to the beer festival, yes 2 in one day!  We may have over extended ourselves but we had some pizza and found a good dry spot at the beer festival to rest.  Unfortunately I didn't take a whole lot of pics but here are the ones I did...

Matt with his beer glass.

Kate and Josh enjoying being out of the rain!
It was a great day of hanging with friends and enjoying everything that this city has to offer!

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