Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shanghai Boat Cruise

After all of our fun activities back in the states it was time to return to Shanghai.  After 20 hours of travel, one sort of nights sleep and zero unpacking we had an event with the American Women's Club for a 70's theme dinner boat cruise.  Joel and I sucked up our jet-lag and put on our dancing shoes, and boy was it worth it.
Joel and I didn't have time to put together costumes but some people really went all out.  There were a few full spandex body suits, one Elvis and lots of bright colors and patterns.  The night started with a glass of champagne to watch the view of the lights while our boat disembarked.  Joel and I had never been on the river before and the view was spectacular.  Seeing both sides of the river at once, all lit up was so beautiful.  On one side of the river is what they call the Bund, where historic old buildings from the 1800 and 1900's stand unchanged.  Directly across from it, on the other side is like looking into the future.  Strange, towering buildings lit up in technicolor dominate the Pudong side skyline.  It was really great to see both sides at once, and on a clear night where the moon was visible as well.
We had dinner inside on the boat, which was nothing exciting, a mixture of Chinese and Western, neither of which were good.  And then back out onto the viewing deck for dancing the rest of the night to tunes from the 70's.  In true Chinese fashion, we did blow the fuse a few times but the power would be back up and running in just a few minutes.  It was a great night, laughing dancing and friends on a beautiful night in Shanghai.


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  2. Is the shirt Joel wore from London years ago? Fun pics!