Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Mom

For Christmas this year Joel and I were supposed to have our first Christmas away together in Shanghai.  We decorated for Christmas, set up our tree, bought presents for each other and then the 23rd of december, during a skype chat with my dad,  he told us that he wanted to surprise my mom by bringing us home for Christmas.  So within 12 hours we bought plane tickets, packed our bags and boarded a plane to the US.  We will just have to have another Christmas waiting for us when we return to Shanghai!
When we got here we surprised my mom by walking into the restaurant that she was eating in with friends.  She was so stunned that she didn't speak for several minutes.  We definitely caused a scene with everyone yelling, so excited!  So even though that was a great surprise for her we have one more...

This year for Christmas we our sponsoring a Healing Home baby in my mom's name.  It is a little boy named Jian Na.  My dad is going to pay for his cleft pallet surgery and then sponsor him monthly to pay for his after-care and housing.  I will send updates via my blog whenever I can and to top it all off, my mom gets to give him an English name!

Merry Christmas mom, when you come to Shanghai in March you can meet this little cutie in person!

Jian Na, one of the newest additions to Healing Home.
If anyone would like more info on the Healing Home, helping out, sponsoring a child or even just sending a small donation please click here to visit their website.  Every little bit helps!

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