Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pic(s) of the day...

Today's pic of the day is from yesterday morning.  Olive and I went with some new friends to story time and then sat in the grass in the shade and chatted.  It was a great morning!  I  wanted to share this pic of us heading into story time.  More kids than I have even seen!  This island is very family friendly.

We filled an entire movie theater!

Before story time yesterday we had to get up early to take Joel to work so we could have the car.  Someone was not ready to wake up!

And, an exciting update... Olive is starting to fit in her newborn clothes!  Until now she has fit into a small handful of onsies but now we are going to start playing dress up.  I bought this outfit thinking it would be her coming home outfit (for the 4th of July!)  Let's just say it was large!  But now, so cute!!  She was 8lbs 5 oz at her last appointment, chunky monkey!

Look how cute I am!

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