Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lissys in Grand Cayman-Settling in

Well, we made it!  Joel has been here 2 1/2 weeks and Olive and I have been here 1 1/2.  Can't believe it is already going so fast!  
We loved our time home from China, it was so great being able to share the birth of our daughter with friends and family, but we are also so excited for this new chapter in the Lissy book.  
Getting to the Caymans wasn't so bad.  I had my mom flying with me so traveling with a baby was easy!  Really, Olive slept the whole time!  The stressful part of our move came two days before my mom and I left... our shipment of stuff from China arrived just as the movers were coming to get our stuff for the Caymans!  Needless to say, after ripping open boxes from China to find the things we needed to put in the Caymans pile I may have left my parents basement a mess.  Luckily they were nice about it so I can clean it next time I am home. ; )
Our first week here consisted of looking at homes and driving around getting to know the island.  We had fun with my parents here and our first day with out them was quite a shock.  We had never had to take care of the baby alone!  Lol!  No more handing Olive to my mom when I need a nap.   Oh well, we all seem to be adjusting well.  Olive does have her first cold, that she has passed to me, so our nights have been a bit rough but I think she is on the mend.  And we get to move into our new town home tonight!!  Woohoo!  We have been in temporary housing, while very nice it is also very small!  I can't wait to get into a big house with lots of space to really feel like we have settled in.  When we get in the house I will post some pics of it, it is really cute and a 2 minute walk to the beach!  In the meantime I will share some pics of the last few weeks with you...

Before we left Denver,  my grandparents and Olive.

Our pile for the movers, all baby stuff!  Oops, don't pack the baby!

Snuggle time, sending pics to Joel once he left for the Caymans.

Trying to capture her first smiles.

On the airplane, so snuggly!  Such a good flyer!

First time to the beach and in the ocean.  She was was on the fence whether she liked it or not.

Beach baby!

In our temporary housing, make shift mobile.  Dad is so nice!

Do I like the caymans?  Still deciding.

Snuggles and smiles in the morning.

Watching TV with Grandbee.
One of my favorite things, making faces!
I could stare at this all day and night. : )

Too cool for school.

First day of her first cold, she was comforted by the hammock and dad's snuggles.

Mom and baby sitting in the shade while dad was at work.
And, last week Olive turned one month!  Can't believe how fast time flies.  Stop growing little baby!

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