Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Olive and Joel's baptism... a little late!

Before our big move to the Cayman's, while all our friends and family were still in town, we decided to have Olive baptized.  She was only 6 days old (the youngest our priest has ever baptized) but we wanted to be able to share it with everyone.  She slept through the whole thing (maybe the good part about doing it so young!) and was such a trooper.  Joel decided to be baptized with her and it made the day a very special one.  After, my parents had everyone over for a little party to celebrate!  It was such a fun and memorable day.  Here are are few pics courtesy of Joel's dad (lissybrenner.com), it really pays to have a photographer in the family!

Olive being baptized.

Joel being baptized.

The ceremony,

Newly baptized!

4 generations of women.

Adam and Nicole, godparents.

Olive and all the men in her life!

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