Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Christmas in Shanghai

Chinese New Year is now over and we are in the year of the dragon, I can't wait to share my pics of the insane fireworks with you but first you must endure a few more posts that I am trying to catch up on from Christmas and my cousin Sarah visiting.  Although the pics from when my cousin was here I know you will love!!  
For today, my first day back to blogging after a great 9 days of no work for my hubby, I decided to just share a few pics of the Christmas shopping here in China.  While the Chinese don't understand Christmas or know anything about the meaning of Christmas, like everything else here they are drawn to the commercial nature of the holiday.  When Joel and I moved here I remember saying to him, what if we can't even find a Christmas tree?  Well, my worries were for nothing because the Christmas paraphernalia here is like nothing you have seen before, it is Hobby Lobby on crack.  Seriously.  Here are a few pics I took with my friends JoAnn and Carrie when we hit the town to score some deals on Christmas decor.  I also threw in some pics of opening presents here in China.  I have the best hubby who totally spoiled me this year!  : )  Enjoy!

JoAnn and I at the market.

Happy Halidays...wait a second!  

Trying to pay for our many purchases.

Joel bought me a fireplace for our apartment!

Thanks mom for my grill pan!

Joel had a figurine made of a pic taken from our first date.  It is really funny!!

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