Thursday, February 2, 2012

Christmas Partay!

Before everyone headed home for the holidays Joel and I hosted a Christmas cocktail party at our apartment.   We thought it would be a great way to spend time with friends and get into the holiday spirit!

Before everyone came over Joel and I tried our hardest to take a nice photo of us but neither of us noticed the duck tape sitting on the table until later.  Lol, oh well, we probably won't be framing this pic!  Everyone was supposed to either wear red and green or something fun and festive so Joel and I bought matching scarves in different colors that have silly reindeers on them.  Gotta love the things you can buy in China!

At one point during the party we realized that the groups had separated into the people wearing red, and those who weren't.  It was actually really funny, because we didn't notice for a long time!

The girls!

Gary and Tim!

Joel and Josh.  Doesn't Joel look cute in his scarf?

Trying to organize a group pic!

Silly faces!

Can you tell we got a little festive before everyone headed home?

After some people left we had a "late crowd" that stayed to play games.

And to hang out!

And maybe have a few more snacks!

My favorite picture is the whole group being silly, that pretty much sums up how much fun we have with our friends here in Shanghai!  Hope you enjoyed the pics.  Next post will be us in Santa Fe, get excited (cue finger snaps!).

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