Monday, January 16, 2012

My dad's visit...

After Thanksgiving my dad came to Shanghai for work and had free time to hang out and see the city with us.  He was able to meet all of our friends and we had some great dinners together, hit up a museum and did some shopping.
One of the main things he wanted to do while he was here was have a few cashmere sweaters made.  We took him to the fabric market, to a shop that had been recommended to us and he had two sweaters made.  They turned out really well and they were able to make them in just a few days so he had them before he left!
Since it was just before Christmas I decided to drag Joel and my dad to the German Christmas market that the German beer house, Paulaner puts on every year.  The boys didn't really want to go but after walking in to the market (which was outside) and feeling like we had left Shanghai for a small town in Germany, they were glad I made them go.  We had the Gluhwein, which is the hot German spiced beer and even picked up a few fun gift items.
The last night my dad was here we went with our friends Kelly and Josh to a really nice Japanese restaurant in town.  We had a really great meal and lots of wine, well beer for me and Joel ; ).  At dinner the chef brought out a little snack that was like a beef jello thing.  I was not willing to try it but Kelly did and was having some trouble with her chopsticks.  The little square of jello ended up shooting out of her chopsticks and into the middle of the aisle toward the table next to us.  They didn't think it was funny but the waitress did and we couldn't stop laughing about it for the rest of the night.  The waitress was very nice and even brought Kelly a new piece, which she moved aside with out eating.
We were sad to have my dad leave but really enjoyed having him here and even ended up seeing him just a few weeks later when Joel and I surprised my mom for Christmas.

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