Thursday, August 11, 2011

Grape Picking

A friend of ours from kickball was nice enough to organize a bus and tour of a local family grape farm.  Thirty of us boarded a bus and took the hour long ride from the city to the Chinese farmland.  When we arrived the family who owned the farm served us a home cooked lunch.  They also let us try their home-made wine that was unlike any wine we had tried before.  A mix between brandy and port I think would be the closest way I can describe it.  Let's just say that none of us had a second helping of it, except our friend Paul who we talked into taking a shot of it.  After lunch some people played ping pong while others explored a bit.  Once our lunch was digested was headed out to the vines to pick some grapes!  It was over 100 degrees so we didn't last too long in the sun, but everyone got their fill of grapes that is for sure.  Joel and I came home with extras for friends plus we now have a freezer full.  Yum.  They are delish!  After we all had our fill of the farm we loaded back on the bus and made a stop at the small old canal town near by.  We explored some of the shops and Joel and I bought tickets to go to the top of the ancient pagoda.  It was really cool inside and a great view from the top!  We got back on the bus and headed back to Shanghai, Joel and I napping the whole way!

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