Monday, August 8, 2011

Chinese Junk Store

For those of you who know me in real life (which let's be honest, I think is most of you) you know that I love junk store, garage sales, thrift stores and any other place where I can explore and find "junk" for my house or to fix up.  In China they don't have any thrift stores and they don't do garage sales but after almost 5 months of living here I finally found a real junk store.  Even better than the ones I have found in the states because here it was rows and rows of crap but they will fix it up for you and paint it if you want included in the price.  I luckily have found a few friends who share my love of junk so we headed out to explore the store.  Getting there was quite the feat.  We had to call and ask for directions twice (I say we but I don't speak Chinese so really it was Jacqueline's driver who talked to them for us) but we finally found it.  After exploring for about an hour we ended up with a thousand mosquito bites and covered in dust but it was totally worth it.  We brought home a few small items but we will definitely head back to buy some furniture in the future.  I found several items that I really liked and something tells me they will still be there when I go back. : )

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  1. I love that place! I saw several things that were super fun and I love that they refinish them for you. We can go when I'm back there - Feb or March??