Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Santa Fe - June 2014

During our visit home Joel, my mom, Olive and I took a few days to visit Santa Fe.  We had a blast as usual.  The car ride was easy even though we were nervous about Olive being in the car that long, she think 15 minutes is a long time!  Olive absolutely loved all the food (no surprise there) and we were even impressed that she like the green and red chili.  We mostly just hung out and ate a lot (also no surprise) but we did make it out to Tent Rocks for a hike one day.  It was hot but we really enjoyed it.  Olive was a trooper and happily rode in the hiking back pack the whole time.  Everyone on the trail stopped and commented on what a great hiker she was.  She was definitely the cutest hiker on the trail!  Here are a few pics we took on our trip!

Picking out which tapas she wanted.

Walking to dinner.

Matching shoes for our hike.

Olive reading the map on our trip, what a good navigator!

Family pic!

Tent Rocks

Winding through the trail.

Mom took a (short) turn carrying Olive.

We made it to the top!

Cooling off after the hike.  

That about concludes our trip home.  We had a blast as usual and can't wait until next time!  My next post will be Olive's 1st birthday party so stay tuned!

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  1. Great pics! Olive is the cutest. She's always such a blast!