Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Lissy's Next Move...

I think I have been keeping you all waiting long enough to hear of our next adventure!  I am sure you all have been holding your breath in anticipation (well, maybe not) but here is our big announcement...
Joel and I are moving to Grand Cayman!  
If you are facebook friends with me then you saw recently we took a few days to travel down there.  It felt like vacation but it really was a little looksy to see if it was a place that we wanted to live for the next couple of years and to see if Joel was a good fit at his new company.  He loved everyone he met at work, and signed the contract just a few weeks after!  So we are heading down there at the end of the month.  Everyone has asked us why Caymans and I know it seems like a huge change from crazy Shanghai but it will be great for Joel's work.  Grand Cayman is a huge hub for finance because there are no taxes, so it draws a lot of private equity firms.  So Joel will still be in the same line of work, just with a little more sand and sun!  We also thought it would be such a great family friendly place for our growing family.  Olive will be a water baby!
Here are the details that we know so far...
Our move date is dependent on when Olive arrives (she better come tomorrow!) but Joel is hoping to start August 1st.  He will fly out a few days early, find us a house and a car and get a little settled and then my mom will fly down with me and Olive shortly after.  We looked at houses when we were there but it was too early to start a rental so we are hopeful he will find something quickly!  Island living comes at a steep price but we are keeping our fingers crossed for the perfect place!
Who knows how long we will stay, it will all depend on Joel's job but we can't see staying shorter than 3 years.  A lot of Joel's coworkers said they were only supposed to be there a few years and then just stayed so we will see!
That is all I know for now, we are hoping to have lots of visitors so start planning your trip to see us!

Here are a few pics from our trip:

Joel enjoying a boat ride.

Joel swimming with the sting rays... I wouldn't get in!

Look how many there were!


Preggo on the boat.


I was a little sunburned...this may be my life for the next couple of years!

View from our Condo.

Beach Babe!

I guess I could stand looking at this everyday ; )

Fresh lobster mac and cheese.

Relaxing on our patio.


Joel at Coconut Joe's.

Joel in "hell" (a volcanic outcropping)

The belly at sunset.

So that is our big announcement!  We are excited/ nervous for this next chapter in our lives, but what could be so bad about a new baby and a beach move??  Life is good!

Now we just have to wait for the baby part.  Send me good labor thoughts so she can arrive on time tomorrow....

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