Tuesday, July 2, 2013

China Catch Up- Zhuo Zhuang Water Town

Another China catch up post is from a day we went to Zhuo Zhuang, which is a water town a few hours outside the city with some friends.  We hired a private car and driver for the 6 of us and spent the day exploring and eating in the small town.  It was really a nice day, we took a boat ride and window shopped and would recommend it as a day outside the city!

View of the canals.

Joel buying a snack, spicy peanuts!

Boat ride!

the group exploring.

Fish market.


Showing a bit of the baby bump!

Goodbye Zhuo Zhuang!

End of a great day!

I think this was my last catch up post to show our pics from China!  The next post will be way more exciting... where are the Lissy's going next???

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