Friday, June 28, 2013

China catch up- PJ party

I am trying to go through my pics and make sure I have shared everything that we did while in China before we start the next chapter of our lives with baby (who hasn't made her arrival yet!) in a new location... (more on that excitement later!).  I found some pics from a going away party that Joel and I threw for some good friends a long ways back.  I think it was probably November or December when this party happened, so it was a while ago.  I remember because we had recently found out I was pregnant and we hadn't told anyone yet so I didn't feel great at the party.  It was still a blast though!

We decided to do a theme with Chinese Pajamas.  Everyone ended up going all out and dressing up.  It was a mix of old China, with silk pj's and new China, mine were Hello Kitty! We just drank and ate a lot and played a few gambling games with some Chinese money.  It was a great goodbye to our friends Shelly and John who we were sad to see leave.

Here are a few pics!
The ladies in their PJ's!

Kate and Mike!

The guys.

Watching the game.

The girls gambling,

More of the girls.

Party time!

Still gambling.

It was such a fun night, almost makes me miss living in China!  : )

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