Monday, May 27, 2013

Moganshan- Last weekend away in China

For a farewell weekend in China we went with some friends to the resort town of Moganshan.  It is in the bamboo forest and was a very peaceful retreat.  It feels like you are stepping out of China, into a well organized and clean resort.  It was not what we were expecting!  You learn to lower your standards a bit when traveling around China even when a place boast of being a nice retreat.  We loved our time there and would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a weekend away!  

We rented an apartment that had three bedrooms and overlooked the resort and the forest.  It had a large living space and deck with a hot tub and grill, both of which were used a lot over the weekend!

Living Room

Deck with hot tub
Josh was our grill master for the weekend.
We spent most of the weekend relaxing and playing games and hiking a bit through the forest.  I felt like I was a trooper at 5 1/2 months pregnant hiking stone steps through China!

Loving Moganshan!
Pregnant ladies are not aloud to sit in hot tubs so Joel made me a  couch bed because it was cold outside so that I could still hang with everyone!

The gang!

Exploring the resort!

Joel is pointing to our apartment.
The resort was pretty hilly and large, so anytime we wanted to go anywhere we called our guy Jimmy and he would come get us in a golf cart.  He also would bring us anything we needed while we were staying there.

In the cart!
Among the activities in the resort there were horses you could ride and games to play.  Pool table and table tennis.  We also got in the pool one night even though it was freezing!

Joel at the stables.


Joel shooting arrows!
One of the hikes we took was a million stone steps into the actual town of Moganshan.  There is a lodge there run by a European women that was really cozy.  The boys had beer and I had a hot chocolate by the fire.  To get to the beginning of the hike we hired a driver and he was hilarious.  Sometimes you just have to say yes when you don't understand what a Chinese person is asking you and in this case saying yes got us a personal tour guide for the day.  It was enjoyable though and we did get to see some cool things!

Our long hike.

Our driver showing us the way to go!

The boys at the top of the hill.

The girls made it too!


At the lodge.


Last night in the hot tub!
We had a great time.  We loved being able to spend a few final days relaxing with our friends before heading back to the US!

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