Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The end of my trip home

Even though I have been back in Shanghai forever I still have not finished sharing everything that we
did.  I thought I would finish up with a little picture overview...

Joel and I drove up to Aspen for a night to see our friend Adam from highschool.  We went to an adventure park and rode rides and toured the famous caves in the area.  It was a blast.
Waiting to go on the alpine slide.

Adam and I before our tour of the caves!
Adam owns several tanning salons in the mountains and while we there he had an opening complete with a ribbon cutting.

With his big scissors.
Joel and I spent a lot of time in the mountains, we got to visit with my brother and his girlfriend Lizzy and my dad took us all to the shooting range.
On a hike with Colin and Lizzy.
Joel shooting.
I almost got a bullseye!
Joel's sister also flew in from Florida so we got to spend some time with her and Joel's dad and brother.  It was so great to catch up.
The fam!
After Joel left town I went to the Florence and the Machine concert at Red Rocks with friends.  It was such a great night, lots of dancing and singing along!!

Mel and I waiting for the show to start.
One of the highlights of my trip was watching one of my oldest friends walk down the aisle!  She was such a beautiful bride.  The wedding was amazing!
The bride before the ceremony.
A married woman!
I had such a blast at home and feel so blessed that, although we live very far away, every time we travel home it feels like no time has past and we still feel like we are home.  I can't wait to see everyone again over Christmas!

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