Saturday, August 4, 2012

BBQ at the Wegman's

A few days after Joel got into town some friends of ours had their annual summer BBQ!  It was such a blast, we played games and got to catch up with everyone.  They even had a piñata!  We had a few attempts at knocking the piñata down before the boys got bored with it and Joel hit it with out his blind fold and it went flying!  There was tons of candy in it and also some little alcohol nips!
My attempt at the Piñata.

Holly trying...

Joel knocked it down!

Joel with his prize!

My beer caught an accidental lollypop when Joel knocked the piñata down.

Kari with her loot.

Kari and Chris (the cool aid man) Oh yeah!
We all had such a blast hanging out and playing yard games.  Dizzy bat was the most fun to watch.  You have to hit a ball with a bat, then put the bat on the ground with your forehead on it and spin around 5 times and then try to run the bases.  It was hilarious.  Lots of people falling everywhere.

Team beer.
I sat with the Gillaspie's and some other not so brave souls to observe the game and judge if people were cheating or not.  It was definitely the highlight of the night watching everyone wipe out after spinning on the bat!
Watching with the Gillaspie's

Joel playing dizzy bat, hilarious!

Chris and Bella!
We have one new baby in the group who you all saw a pic of in the last post and another on the way!  This little boy is due on my wedding anniversary, September 27th!  I can't wait to meet him over Christmas!

Belly rub!  
At the end of the night we played some beer pong.  Taylor was on fire!  And don't worry, Kristen was their team's designated drinker!

Pregnancy beer pong!
Such a fun way to get to see everyone while we were home.  Can't beat a great summer BBQ!

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