Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter #2 in Shanghai!

I can't believe that we just celebrated our second Easter in Shanghai.  Time really flies!  This year we celebrated Easter with our friends Kelly and Josh.  We went to Maya for Mexican food and then to a beautiful church here in Shanghai.
View inside the church. 
We hadn't been to this particular church before but we all really enjoyed it.  It was a beautiful church with gardens and several buildings tucked away in the french concession.  The service was packed, mostly foreigners because the Chinese citizens are not allowed to go to church but there were still a few.
Chinese Bible
One thing I thought that was interesting was that the only bibles and hymnals that they had were in Chinese.  We even had communion, it was grapefruit juice passed out in little plastic cups and bread in mini baggies.  The whole congregation took it together.  It was at the beginning of the service which none of us had ever experienced.
Kelly and Josh waiting for the service to start.
It was such a nice church and service that we all felt like we were back in the US for a little bit.  Hope everyone had a happy Easter!

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