Saturday, March 22, 2014

8 Months Old!

I almost titled this "7 months old", time really flies when you are having fun!  Olive continues to change everyday.  Not only is she mobile but she is fast!  She has also been practicing standing without holding on to anything and can now "cruise" (walk very slowly while holding on to something).  I can't believe how big my baby is getting!  She is learning her signs still, she now signs milk and has done eat a few times.  She also understands more (her favorite when involving food!).  Her is her picture update...

Friday, March 21, 2014

Our trip to LA

Our trip to LA was to celebrate my brother and his fiance Lizzy's engagement!  Lizzy's mom threw the best party at a wine shop.  It was great to be able to meet the other bridesmaids and Lizzy's family.  Olive and my parents and I had a blast, and of course Olive was a hit at the party.  We also had some touring plans while we were there but that got cut short when Miss O came down with a high fever.  We spent an entire day at urgent care and she was put on antibiotics.  The doc said her thought it was a nasal infection so nothing serious.  My poor baby was sleepy but in good spirits the whole time!  One thing we did get to do was catch up with some friends who live there!  My big sis in my sorority and one of Joel's good friends from college both live close to LA so we met up with them for dinner and had a great time.  The trip was so fun over all, can't wait to get back for the wedding!!

Olive was so excited to skype with her dad!

A sneak peek at the wedding venue!

Olive snuggled in our condo by the fire.

View from our condo.

Poor baby with a fever.

At urgent care, still a happy baby!

Our condo!

Olive getting ready for the party, what a cutie!

At the engagement party with soon to be Aunt Lizzy!

Happy baby!

Visiting with Shawn.

Catching up with friends!

My big sis!

More pics from dinner.

Katie and Olive.

Again, playing by the fire.

Leaving LA in the outfit that Lizzy bought.

Back in freezing cold Colorado.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Olive's First New Years

I meant to incude these in the last post but here are a few pics of our NYE.  Joel was back in Cayman so I went with my parents and Olive up to the Country Club for a nice dinner and champagne.  We were very early, home by 8:30 in bed by 9!  Olive was a little crabby being up late and then fell asleep on the way home (its a 2 minute drive) but boy did she look cute!

Yay!  Happy New Years!

At dinner.

Sleepy baby!
So now you have to wait one more post to see our trip to LA!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Holidays at home

We had such a wonderful time at home this year for Christmas and New Years.  We got to spend three weeks in Colorado and even snuck in a trip to LA to celebrate my brother and his fiance Lizzy's engagement!  I have a million and 1 photos so I will try to keep it short...

Olive did so great on the flight home.  Slept and played the whole time!  
On the flight.

She loved watching out the window.

Finally home to Grandpa and Grandma!

Helping mom unpack.
My friend Kristen had her baby right before I got home so Joel and I got to go meet little Noah.  What a precious baby!

Newly enlarged family!
We spent lots of time outside even though it was cold and Olive seemed to really enjoy herself!

Walk on the golf course.

Bundled up, not the dame as life at the beach!
We also spent lots of time snuggling by the fire and hanging at the cabin!

Happy hour at the Cooper Casa.

Skyping with Lizzy, she came a few days after Colin.

My mom decided to get second ear piercings.

More walks at the cabin!
Olive's first Christmas was spent at the cabin.  We had such a wonderful time.  My mom really made it a special Christmas.  The house was decorated perfectly and there were lots of goodies.  We even had a gingerbread house building contest!  We spent Christmas eve at church and then dinner at home.  Olive loved the singing but silent night put her to sleep.

Sleepy Christmas baby.
Christmas morning was so much fun.  Olive got way too many gifts but loved them (and the wrapping paper).

With Penelope.

Christmas morning in PJ's!

She was just starting to stand on her own at this point!

With Guinness.

My little Christmas angel.
Adam (Olive's godfather) stopped by to say hi on his way home to Aspen.  It was so nice to see him!

Happy Baby!

With the boys!
One of the fun activities that we did while we were in the mountains was a sleigh ride to a mountain cabin for dinner.  Olive loved listening to the guitar player!  It was very cold on the sleigh ride but we all bundled up and snuggled under the blankets.  Olive fell sound asleep on the ride (both ways!) so I guess that means she enjoyed it!

With Aunt Lizzy at the cowboy cabin!

With the horses.

Sound asleep, too much fun!
After Christmas, sadly Joel had to head back to Cayman (someone has to work around here!) and Olive and I stayed for another week.  We went back down the mountain for a few days before heading to LA.  I will tell you all about our LA trip in the next post!

Walking in Denver.