Thursday, February 20, 2014

Meeting Santa

Before we traveled home for Christmas this year we took Olive to Camana Bay to meet Santa.  She did great!  She just stared at him like he was the strangest thing she had ever seen.  She did try to pull off his beard but luckily it was real!  Here are the sweet pics of my baby, who has grown and changed so much since these pics!  

Waiting in line.

Santa, I would like some milk for Christmas please!

Camana Bay also had a snow machine for the kids to play in!  It was like 90 degrees so it didn't work too well but it was funny.  Olive and I tried to take a pic in the snow.  If you look veerrry closely you can see a few flakes.

My next post will be more of Olive's first Christmas!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Sarah and Bailey Visit

In the 6 short months that we have lived here we have had lots of visitors and we are loving every minutes of it!  It is always fun to be able to view the place you live through a new set of eyes and explore the things you take for granted every day.  
If you remember back a while ago, you will remember that I posted a blog about my cousin Sarah and one of her friends Bailey coming to visit us in China.  You can reread that blog here and here.  Well, they decided to come see us again and we once again had a blast!!
The first day they were here we went to the east end of the island and set up a day camping spot in the national park here. The beaches are as well groomed as some places but we had the beach to our selves and brought our portable grill and had a great day.  

Barker's beach

The girls sunbathing.

Our spot on the beach.

We also went out to Rum point again because we had so much fun there when Joel's mom was in town.
Hanging in the water.

Joel and Olive.
The girls and I rented paddle boards and explored the shore while Joel and Olive took a nap.

Paddle Boarding


Goodbye rum point!
We also took the girls to the turtle farm.  It isn't huge but so cool to see and we really enjoyed it!

Sarah with the Turtles.
We got to hold the babies!
They even had a water slide, can you see Joel?
After the turtle farm we took the girls to Hell (its a place here).  They were very impressed by the volcanic rocks...

Joel and the girls in Hell.

Lunch after with a friend!

Olive had way too much fun!

DInner out!
Olive needed a rest one day so Joel took Sarah and Bailey out on the boat to Stingray City.  They said it was so fun!

On the boat.

The girls with the stingray!
We also did some shopping and exploring around George Town.

it was right before Christmas that they were here so we went to Camana Bay and had dinner and walked around to see the lights.

Camana Bay

And of course Ice cream to end the night!

What a fun time we had, we can't wait to see where life takes us next, I am sure Sarah and Bailey will be willing to visit us where ever we go!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Olive's 7 month picture

While I don't think size wise Olive has changed all that much this month, developmentally she seems so much older!  She is chatting and mobile.  She has said hi and hey several times, usually when I open the car door to get her out of her carseat (it is adorable).   She also says dada...not always on purpose but don't tell Joel. She is also taking a sign language class, and while we are waiting for her to do some for us, it is clear that there are several signs she knows the meaning of, her favorite being milk.  She has also started swim lessons and is the youngest in her class but is already understanding kicking and sticking her face in to blow bubbles.  Such a smart girl!  Ok, enough bragging, here is her pic!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Grandma Ball's Visit

In December we had Joel's mom visit us for the first time here in Cayman.  It was so great to get to spend a few days with her.  We had a blast and got to do a lot of fun things around the island!  We did a whole lot of snorkeling and a little lounging.  It was very relaxing.  We also went to the big Christmas event here on the island, the parade of lights, which is where people decorate their boats and parade them through the canal behind Camana Bay.  It was not super exciting but it was fun to get out and see some friends.  We also took a boat out to see the stingrays.  Olive got in but I was too scared. : )  Here are the pics!
Here she comes!


First night enjoying the patio.

Working off our dinner and drinks.

Joel heading to snorkel.

Drinks and snacks at Sunset House.

Sunset house.

Hanging with Grandma!

On the boat.

Giant stingrays!

Joel got to drive the boat!

Captain Joel.

Swimming in Rum point.

Grandma was nice enough to watch Olive while Joel and I snorkeled.

Walk on the beach.

Cutest baby in the world.

Thanks for my milk!

Sushi dinner!

What a great trip!  Can't wait to see you again soon!