Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sarah and Bailey in Shanghai

So part two of the China adventure went very quickly.  My dad came in for work and so we were able to hang out with him a lot.  Our first night back in Shanghai we went and met him at his hotel which is in the current tallest building in Shanghai (they are building a new one that will be taller!).  We sat in their bar at the 87th floor and had a glass of prosecco and took in the great view.
Sarah enjoying her prosecco!
Mostly we did a lot of shopping while the girls were here.  We went to the fake market and the girls went crazy!  Lots of cute bags and things there.  Also, we hit up painter's street where the girls were able to buy a few pieces of art to decorate their houses this year at college.
Sarah had to have the cow picture.  lol.  She also bought a beautiful shanghai cityscape. 

Sarah and Bailey making their purchases.
We explored Yuyuan which  is a big tourist spot here.  It was a great time to see it, right before Chinese New Year, because they were decorating it and it looked amazing.  The girls bought candy to take back to their friends and family that were strange flavors and textures so that they could share their China experience.
Visiting Yuyuan!


Sarah buying candy.

Yuyuan decorations.
We made Sarah and Bailey try a whole lot of Chinese food while they were here and I think they really liked it.  We took them to a restaurant the we love called Din Tai Fung.  Everything was really good but for dessert they have these glutious rice balls filled with sesame paste and sugar served in a thick sweet sauce.  They are really good but the texture takes a while to get used to, they are very slimy and chewy.  We made Sarah try it even though she didn't want to and she started gagging.  Lol.  Oh well.  Everything else was good!
Sarah and me at Din Tai Fung.
Joel talked Bailey into buying a toy helicopter for one of her siblings and he bought one for himself as well.  He has a few and was banned from flying them in the apartment after he got one stuck in my hair.  I had just finished explaining this to the girls when Joel talked them into letting him fly it so they could see it.  After only about 2 mintures guess what?!?  He got it stuck in Sarah's hair!  It took him 10 minutes to untangle it!
Tangled mess!
One of the last nights here we all went out with a bunch of the guys from Joel's work to celebrate one of them leaving to move to Taiwan.  We went to an Irish Pub and had a few drinks with everyone.  The Chinese guys taught us how to play a Chinese drinking game that you play by using your hands to show numbers and someone has to guess the number.  There is more to it than that but that is the gist.  If you lose you have to take a shot.  Luckily we played pretty well, one of Joel's friends did not fare so well and ended up drinking probably half of the shots.  Lol.  It was such a fun night though.
Sarah and her big Hoegaarden.

Sam losing the drinking game!

The boys playing before we joined in!
Our last night was spent just strolling along the bund and relaxing before the girls headed back to Oklahoma to start their new semester at school.
Joel and the girls!

View from the bund at night!
It was sad to see them go but we had such a fun trip!  We took a million pics and if you want to see the rest (and a thousand mountain pictures) here is the link!

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