Sunday, June 29, 2014


Olive's first Easter was such a fun day for us!  Joel and I stayed up late the night before dying easter eggs and getting things ready (working with the easter bunny of course).  We may have also had a little wine so they turned out like this.... (who said parents can't have any fun).

The Easter Bunny brought lots of goodies for Olive, but she wasn't quite sure what to make of it.  She mostly loved the plastic Easter eggs (which were empty) but still fun to open and close.

After church we went to brunch with a huge group of friends and it was a blast.  10 adults and 6 children.  Not sure if the staff liked us but we stayed until the last drop of free flow champagne had been poured (and then stayed a little longer).  The food was great and the company was better, we may just have to make this a tradition!   Olive got to eat her first pancakes and tried her first bite of chocolate.  She probably ate more than Joel and I did.  Joel then took her to play in the pool at the restaurant and then she fell asleep for the rest of our lunch.

After we overstayed our welcome at the restaurant we went to the bar that was next to it and let the kids run around and sat and hung out for a little while longer.  Again, not sure how the staff felt about us and our wild kiddos but we enjoyed it!

When we finally pulled ourselves away and headed home Joel and I set up (with the help of the EB of course) an egg hunt for Miss O.  We had to take her cute dress off because she couldn't crawl in it but she loved going after the eggs, and then putting them straight in her mouth!

We had a wonderful first Easter in Cayman, for sure a day to remember!

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