Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pirate's Week

Pirate's week here on Cayman is a big deal every year and it is a week full of fun events and lots of partying.  While we didn't participate in the night time events (We heard it gets a bit crazy!), we did head to George Town to see the opening ceremony and to watch the parade.  The opening ceremony is of course a pirate invasion in which there is a cannon fight and they capture our Governor.  (We get him back at the end of the week).  It was very hot but fun to see.  I started out by wearing Olive in the baby carrier but we quickly went back to the car to get the stroller because it was was too hot.  

Starting out our day!

Jet pack performance.
We went with some friends whose little one hated the cannons so they had to head home.  Olive was upset at first by them but luckily got over it because they blasted for like 30 minutes!

Ready to watch the ceremony!

Joshua trying to stay cool.

Rosy cheeks.

The Governor.

Part of the ceremony.

Missy O.

Ready to watch the parade!

Jonny Depp graced us with his presence. (Not really but a good look a like!).

Lots of floats.

Someone didn't make it long into watching the parade.  TIme to head home!

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  1. Oh gosh, Joshua looks miserable there! Glad you guys made it longer than we did. :)