Thursday, March 21, 2013

We're coming home!

Our second big news (first being Olive of course) for the year 2013 is that Joel and I have made the decision to leave China.  March 17th marked our 2 year anniversary here and after much debate we decided that 2 years was enough for us.

I'll fill you in on the details for now and keep you updated as we figure out our next big adventure...

We knew before I found out that I was pregnant that Joel's work contract was up for renewal and we would have to decide in the next few months whether he was going to sign a new contract or start a job hunt.  Enter Olive.  Our thoughts at first were that I would fly home at 7 months pregnant (at suggestion of my doctor to fly no later than that)  and that Joel would stay a few months past his contract and then follow me out when it was time for her arrival.  At this point when we made this decision we hadn't decided whether we would return to China or not after Olive was born.  After we had decided this we still went back and forth.  I was not happy to be leaving Joel here and flying home with out him.  What if the baby comes early?  I told him I didn't think any job was worth missing the birth of his first child.  Plus he would miss the end of my pregnancy, which we have both been enjoying so much.  So after much deliberation we decided that it was worth the risk of Joel taking a break from working to be home in CO for the summer and the birth of our daughter.

Now, of course Joel has been job hunting, we flew from CO to London (with a stop in Iceland!) after Christmas so Joel could make a few contacts for a future job.  He is currently looking outside the US at several different options so that he can maybe have a start date after Olive's big arrival.  When we know for sure where we will be next I will let everyone know.  We just know that even though our China adventure may be coming to a close, our adventurous spirits are still ready and willing to move somewhere new and exotic!

We fly home home on Tuesday and couldn't be more excited.  The movers came a few days ago and we are living in an empty apartment!  We moved here with three large suitcases each and are leaving here with three large suitcases each and 36 boxes following us on a cargo ship.  Lol, oh well.

Joel and I have been spending lots of time saying goodbye to friends here.  We had a big going away dinner with everyone for Joel's work that was really a nice way to say goodbye.  The ladies from the Healing home also had a going away lunch for me yesterday and I know that I am going to miss all of them!  There are many things that we will miss about living here but overall we can tell that our time here is done.  Will we even come back?.... Never say never!

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