Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What we have been up to...

While everyone waits patiently for my update about our Japan trip (I realize it has been 3+ months but I am slow!)  I thought I would share a few random pics of what we have been up to here in China.

Things have been going really well at the Healing Home with the class that we do there.  We have had 3 babies go to forever homes in the past few months and some of our babies are even starting to talk!  A Healing Home first which makes us believe that our program is really working!  It feels so good to know that these little ones are going to their forever families with a good foundation of learning.  We love our babies!

My sweet husband recently took me on a date night to the Taiwanese Philharmonic Concert.  It was wonderful!  They played for 2 hours and we had a great time.

This was a fun pic I took on a day out and about in Shanghai.  I had to share it because it is a mobil fish store.  How great is that?  Is was funny to see it drive off with all the poor goldfish splashing around.  Lol.

Joel and I took a trip to Beijing.  He had to go for work so I tagged along.  We had a great dinner at Made in China, a restaurant we had been to several times before.  They are famous for their delicious Peking Duck.  This is a pic of the Chef carving our duck at the table!  

For Halloween this year I went to a ladies Mahjong day at a friends house.  We all dressed up and everyone brought Halloween treats.  I made "Swamp Goo", which was green dyed onion dip.  So good.  I dressed up as Pippy Longstockings as you can tell.   Joel made my head piece the night before out of a hanger.  I think it turned out well!  On the way to the party all the Chinese we passed wanted to take our pictures because they thought it was so funny that we were dressed up.  

Kelly and I attended the American Women's day Thanksgiving luncheon together.  This is a cute pic a friend took for us.  

We had a Shanghai family Thanksgiving dinner at Kelly and Josh's house.  Tons of food and football, it felt like home.  Kate made homemade pie and whipped cream.  So good.  

We also had to say goodbye to some our good friends who moved back to the States, Shelly and John.  We will miss them!

That about sums up our fall here in China.  I really am working on editing the pics from Japan so I will share those soon!  Hope everyone had a happy holidays!

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