Saturday, September 3, 2011

A visit from a brit

Our friend Tim had a friend from London come to Shanghai for work a few weeks ago and he was able to spend some time hanging out with all of us.  We had a few dinners together, one night at the bars and a fun filled day of exploring Shanghai.  Martin had some free time from working and told Tim that he would love to experience a Shanghai Tai Tai day (tai tai is wife).  So he was lucky to catch us on a day when we were planning on (gasp!)  shopping!  So we did drag him shopping but luckily in was in Yuyuan gardens which is a must see in Shanghai anyway.  We didn't put him through the torture too long before we decided to stop for a bottle of wine (he had to get the whole experience) and to teach him the art of Mahjong.  We had bought a travel set so it was small enough to spread out on our table at happy hour.  He caught on very quickly and we then moved on to one of my favorite bars in Shanghai to meet Joel who was getting off work.  It is my favorite bar because of the view.  It is amazing.  Since Martin had mastered mahjong we got the set back out at the bar and played a few more games with Joel before heading to dinner to meet Tim.
Playing mahjong, check out the view!

Kristin helping Martin with strategy.

The group.

The view.

More view.

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