Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pic(s) of the day!

We have made some new friends here in Shanghai who are so much fun to hang out with!  They get out way more than we do so they know all the great places to go.  We have gone out with them several times but this particular night they invited us to meet some of their friends here and we all went out to dinner.  After the four of us went to this great bar they knew of to listen to live music and hang out.  The bar had beer taps at all the tables so you could pour your own beer.  I think Joel was in heaven.  He even told me later he thought he had really behaved himself because he didn't put his mouth under the tap.  Well thanks Joel for refraining.  Lol.  Our new friends, Kristin and Tim are from NY and Massachusetts respectively and are getting married in October!  How exciting!  Anyway, here are a few pics from the night!
Pouring our own beer!

Just finishing dancing, aren't they adorable?

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