Friday, April 29, 2011

Big Bus and Beyond

Since we have been in Shanghai we have seen and done a lot.  We have settled into our apartment and daily lives here and it is starting to feel like we actually live here and are not just on vacation.  With that said, it seems like when you get comfortable in a place you don't get out and do the touristy attractions because since you live there you can do it later.  Well, Joel and I are trying to avoid that by planning something new to do or see every weekend.  Whether it is leaving the city for a new destination or finally checking out the temple down the street from us.  I thought I would share a few pics that we have taken since we moved here, just around town and a few randoms.

We did take the Big Bus Tour of Shanghai, which was not worth the money.  Save yourself the 45$ if you ever come here and just buy yourself a good guide book and hop in taxis.  Much cheaper and you will get the same experience.  Needless to say, we did see quite a bit of the city.  It took us to all the major points of interests including the Jade Buddha Temple.  It was interesting to see.  We happened to be there on the female Buddha's birthday so the temple was filled with worshipers praying and lighting incense.  It is a bit of a tourist trap, with gift shops and such but it was definitely worth stopping to see.  Pretty sure everything worth seeing becomes a tourist trap....because everyone wants to see it.  Anyway, we are heading to the beach this weekend, I will let you all know how we like it!

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