Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let's play the list game...

Hello followers!  Sorry I haven't been writing much, I haven't had a whole lot to say while we wait for everything to get finalized with our move date and such.  The Chinese New Year slowed our visa process down a bit but they should be coming through in the next week or so!  I'm sure you will be overloaded with posts once I get there so this slow start seems to be ok, and not what my future in blogging will look like.

So I just wanted to give you a little update as D-day (let's remember what it stands for)  seems to be approaching faster and faster.  Our current landlords have rented our apartment so we are moving out in the next two weeks, which really doesn't give us much time.  We have started visiting all our doctors to get up to date on everything.  My eyes are dilated as I type!  And we have been meeting with a Mandarin teacher.  Now, some of you know that even in China no one speaks the same language so this whole idea we have of going to China and speaking with the natives will be very difficult.  Joel and I also have not reached a mature enough place in our lives to not giggle when our teacher says certain Chinese words.  I'll let you use your imagination.  We may have a long road ahead of us.

So there is one thing I have always known about myself that I thought I should share in my post today because quite frankly, it has gotten out of hand.  I am a list person.  There.  I said it.  This move is bringing out the listing queen inside me!  I have started finding lists all over my house, telling me different things I need to get done or items I want to make sure I bring with me.  Earlier today I was at the eye doctors office waiting for over an hour, ridiculous, for my eyes to dilate and I found myself creating (gasp!) another list.  Even though my eyes were dilated and I had to hold my phone about the length of my arm away to be able to see the screen to type on it, I was trying my hardest to remember what I wanted to get at costco before I left so I could make a list of it. Talk about desperate!  I am definitely a list junkie.  So anyway, this silly story does have a point and I am getting to it... that it brought me to come up with a great idea to get my wonderful blog followers involved with a little game.
If you were moving to China, what would be the one thing you would bring??  
Now it has to fit in your hypothetical suitcase so don't get to crazy.  I know half of you are going to list yourselves so let's get one things clear.  Zosia already called catching a ride to China in my suitcase.  Lol.
Ok, ready, go!


  1. Oh, sad. And that is two things!
    if I could only bring one thing I would bring my computer! Lol.

  2. I would take a picture of me and your dad and Colin of course! :>)

  3. I would definitely take my favorite pillow :)

  4. I would take my fridge magnet from Casa Bonita