Friday, January 24, 2014

Olive's first Thanksgiving

For our first Thanksgiving in Cayman, we celebrated with some friends that we have made from church.  It was so sweet of Wes (who hosted) to invite us!  It is hard being new to a foreign place and warm and friendly people make it feel like home.  You will also notice that these photos are a bit nicer than my usual iphone pics (ok, way nicer) thanks to my friend Jenn who is a photography enthusiast in her free time.  You would never know by looking at these pics that this is not what she does for a living.  I mean just look at these wonderful pictures!  You can check out more on her blog that she writes about life and living in Cayman here.  There isn't much more to say about Thanksgiving other than we ate a lot and Olive got to try her first turkey and brussel sprouts.  The brussel sprouts were a huge hit!  Enjoy the pics!

I did make this pumpkin with my handy drill, it was a messy project!

Wes and Jeremy carving the turkey.

My favorite pumpkin.

Where's the food??

How cute is she?

Turkey is delicious!

Sitting at the girl's table.

After dinner we watched Christmas Vacation.

Olive wasn't too interested.
With such nice friends it is no wonder Cayman is starting to feel like home!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Grandpa Cooper's visit!

Recently (ok, a really long time ago) my dad came for a very short visit.  He was here for just one full day and two nights but we tried to pack in a lot.  We had beautiful weather and took advantage of it.  We went out for a nice sushi dinner the first night and then spent the next day exploring on a friends boat, stopping for lunch in Rum point and just enjoying the sun.
It was Olive's first time on the boat and we were worried that she may not like it and that it would be too much sun.  Well, we put on her sun shirt and hat and crossed our fingers.  As soon as the boat got going Olive was so happy.  She was screaming and laughing because of the wind in her face.  She had such a great day!  She was born in the mountains but made for the beach!  (also side note- it was "Movember" which means the men grow mustaches to raise awareness for prostate cancer.  A great cause but not so pretty on my handsome husband!)

Here comes grandpa!

First night at Camana Bay

We love Sushi!

Our roommate for a few nights while Grandpa was in her room.

A morning walk on the beach.

Olive and daddy out at sea!

Hanging on the boat.

Pretty sure she felt right at home, can't you tell??

Stopped at a friends house on the beach in Rum Point for morning drinks
(we were on vacation right?)

Movember mustache and tank top??

He's learned to multi task.  What a great dad!

Evening drinks to watch the sunset.

With Gpa!

Dinner with friends...just grilling with the guys!

It was such a great trip, I am sure we will be seeing him here again soon!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

6 month picture!

I am pretty sure that I should change the name of my blog to, "Sorry this is so late!" but here is Olive's 6 month baby picture!

And of course, her 6 months in review!

Stay tunes for lots of updates from the last few months!